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Olio Oliva 5lt

Olive Oil 5 lt


Light flavor, ideal for cooking.   download scheda prodotto

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Olio Extravergine Italiano 1Lt

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Lt


It is the classic olive oil that can be used on salads and for cooking. Olive oil obtain only from cold pressed italian olives.   download scheda prodotto

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Pate tonno arancia 212 ml

Tuna paste with orange 212 ml


The combination of tuna and oranges makes this product a gourmet delicacy, to taste with an aperitive or cold on crackers, try it with a tomatoes sauce on a dish […]

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Olive taggiasche denocciolate 3100

Pitted Taggiasca Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3100 ml


This delicacy is obtain from a process of the Taggiasca Olives in brine without the pits, preserve in extra virgin olive oil, ready for you to taste. It goes well […]

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