Housed in Hotel XVII. Silver arm with red ox. The portal of this Casato was still in the building in Via GioBatta Boeri n. 1, but was replaced by another eighteenth-century in marble. The primitive remains a fragment embedded in the wall of the porch, on which one still sees a lily of France and the inscription “PAX HUIC DOMUI”. This mansion, also known as Boveri, is believed to be the oriundo of Badalucco, where there is still a sumptuous palace in which there are epigraphs that remind us of honors and glories.

A branch of it lived in Taggia, and indeed in the RR convent. PP. Dominicans you can find a tombstone on which is written: “HOC EST SEPULCRUM SPECTABILIS LEGUM DOCTORIS DOMINI BERNARDI BOERI DE TABIA HERE OBIIT MCCCCLXXXIII DIE XX SEPTEMBRIS- HEREDUM SUORUM”. But a century earlier, already in Taggia, there were Boeris, because in the pact between Taggia and Bussana (November 15, 1357) Ambrosius, Franciscus and Joannes are representing this family. In 1487 Nicolaus Boverius signed a substantial sum for the construction of the RR Library. PP. Dominicans. In 1489 Augustus Boerius is among the participants in the friendship agreement between Guelph, Ghibellini and Doria.

Bernardus Boerius, who, as the tombstone says, was a lawyer and died in 1483, we believe he was the father of that John the Baptist who, moving to England in 1498, became Henry VII’s Court and Protomedic Architect. In addition to being a medical expert, he was also a Humanist and Philanthropist, delivering several legacies at the Pammatone Hospital in Genoa, and establishing a “Pauperum” school in Taggia. Of the sons of this illustrious Tabbiese we know that John, the eldest son, died in Sturla as the following plaque says in the church of the aforementioned country: “SEPULCRUM NOBILIS IOHANNES BOERIS FILII IOHANNES BAPTISTAE IN PROTOPHISIC ANGLIA -PATRICI GENUENSIS – MILITI – SANCTI – PETRI – SEPTUAGENARI MDLXI ” Second-born Bernard is believed to have been a priest and of Ottavio, we know that he was “Artium et Medicinae” and occupied the position of Rector in the venerable Medicine College of the city of Genoa.
In 1528 there was also a Giorgio Boeri , a notary in Taggia. In 1677 Giò Domenico R. P. Dominican was a rector in the convent of Taggia. Another in this family was distinguished by Domenico Maria, mayor of Taggia, who in 1795, with his energy, succeeded in extinguishing banditism from the region. Another Boeri, Domenico Filippo, was Mayor of Taggia in 1817-1818. This family, widely popular in Taggia, also saw people in the last century dealing with public affairs, including Avv. Gio Battista who was deputy to Parliament. A branch of this family is represented by the owner Giuseppe di Giovanni was Giovanni quondam Giuseppe.