Payment can be made by prepaid Bank Transfer, PayPal or Mark.

Early Bank Transfer:

If you choose to pay by bank transfer in advance, the delivery of the order ordered by the seller will only be effected upon the actual crediting of the sum due on the indicated c / c. If you exceed these deadlines, your order will be canceled. The cause of the bank transfer must necessarily include the order number and the name and surname of the person who made the order. The transfer should be addressed to:
Boeri Giuseppe
IBAN: IT06V0843949090000200100015.

The customer’s receipt of the bank transfer receipt is optional.


By selecting the PayPal payment type, you will be redirected to a PayPal site page where you will enter your email address and password and control your payment details. Your financial data will not be shared with the seller but will be managed directly by PayPal. In case of cancellation of the order or failure to accept the seller, the amount will be refunded on your PayPal account. Seller will not be liable for delays and / or damages caused by reimbursement.