The farm, which at the end of the eighteenth century was born as a historical “Oil Mill Palma”, is located in Taggia, the homeland of the olive tree Taggiasca, where with a passion passed through four generations of father to son cultivates and selects local quality olives are transforms with ancient wisdom In products of great value, managing all the stages of the production process. The use of the stone mill and cold extraction give the Boeri oil an inimitable nutritional and organoleptic superiority.

Boeri - Taggia foto storica

The Boeri family oil, owner of the homonymous oil mill, as the passion and tradition of life: from October to March, approching the mill, it means penetrating into a timeless reality, where ancient “knowledge” blends with modern processes and state-of-the-art technology, which allowed the company to gain many awards.
Making oil is still a holiday fest, but is also an art that finds its highest expression in the careful selection of the best olives, the scrupulous transformation of the fruits into oil and consequently preservation in containers and environments that do not alter the organoleptic qualities to safeguard their quality.

The registered trademark accompanies all the packages, making them inimitable. The family-run company, run by young people, including the owner Giuseppe Boeri, a family ambassador who has been producing oils for over a hundred years. Giuseppe Boeri is a professional taster at O.N.A.O.O. since 1993 and always attentive to the quality of the products. There is also a space devoted to the memory of the old processing systems in the area, whith is a visit to the local olive oil museum of Viale Rimembranze in Taggia, a moment devoted to the purest memory: a small “museum” with the presentation of the old tools and equipment of the old mill. Strong on this experience and aware that every modern society must be deeply tied to its past, the Boeri Oil Mill awaits anyone wanting to approach our most genuine flavors.